Personal, simplistic and efficient is for me a unity that works together


I am certain you will benefit the most, if your training has been customized and fitted just for you. Thus, it works with the rest of your schedule and help enhance your training and focus.

To make sure you will peak at the right time, I will make a periodization season plan, where your main goals are target marks in the model. This will then become your master plan which we will follow throughout the season.

By working with your mental preparedness, you will enhance your training. It is an area which have seen a growing focus lately and with good reason. You can categorize the mental training into a lot of different groups. Some of these groups are simple to implement and focus on and the return are incredibly high. You will get the opportunity for one on one coaching through the training. Either as a help to concur your challenges in the sport, to get you in the right mindset as you get ready for a race, or something else you feel a need to discuss and get input about.


Simplistic is the way to run – this is my second core principle. My goal is to make you comprehend 100%, when it comes to how you should train. We will achieve this by making training sessions where the purpose is clear, stick to our plan and do follow ups when needed.

In order for you to peak at the right times, I prepare a season plan where your season goals are included. The plan gives you an overview of what period we are in and what we are focusing on. That will be the overall plan we follow throughout the season.

I will be using TrainingPeaks to make a tailored training plan just for you, giving you easy access to it with your own account where we can communicate and make follow ups on your training. This way we will be sure to keep a constant watch on your form and how to most efficiently improve it.


Your everyday will be the starting point, from which I will customize a training schedule, which will maximize the efficiency of your training sessions. There is no reason what so ever, training too many hours a week, if the same results can be achieved by better training sessions. That is why polarized training enter the picture, and we use high and low intensity training to achieve better results.

To optimize your training and make it as efficient as possible, it becomes relevant to know your trainings zones like watts, heartrate and pace zones. Too many people train uneffective, which leads to injuries and exhaustion. With a throughout communication and knowledge of all your zones, we can maximize every hour of training.

Along the way I will put you on different tests, to measure your improvements. We will do joined training sessions, where you decide on the focus of the training. I have a lot of focus on preventing injuries. Due to this I focus on strength training, since it improves all three disciplines in triathlon as well as help minimize the risk of injuries. It has been proven; you get a lot of benefits by heavy workouts. As such you will receive personalized workout regimens throughout the season. Another part we will work on is your dieting. It´s important in all aspects of training. I will help you by making a daily dieting plan, to make sure you get enough energy for your training and recovery. Throughout the season I will change the daily dieting plan, as to make it fit with your training load and regular consumption of energy. 

There is a difference between training men and women

We find it interesting to explore how to train men and women differently. Through our work with female athletes in different age groups, are we aware of the differences.

In women, there are some different hormonal processes that change depending on where in your period you are. It can have an influence on your training and the experience of it. It is something we can talk about and adapt to if we find it necessary.