Specially designed company training and activity days

What can I offer?

Together we will find the best solution for you.

Training sessions leading up to sport events, eg DHL relay run, 4-18-4 triathlon, 5-10 km. run, Copenhagen half or full marathon, exercise bike race. A weekly or monthly training day, bike – run – swimming. Activity event – company event, staff events, etc. Presentation on motivation, structure, triathlon etc. I can tailor a solution that suits your needs and wishes. Through this, we can improve the employees’ affiliation with the company.

Together we can find the best solution for you.

By entering into a collaboration with me, you get:

Tailor-made training course, with programming, presentations, joined training sessions. A coach with extensive experience in group and team training adapted to all levels. A coach who is used to having daily contact with athletes of all ages and levels. This through my work in Actiwise, DGI, triathlon guide experience, running coach in Amager Triathlon Club and head coach in / tri club denmark. An educated sports coach through DGI. This means that I can help maintain motivation and create mental strength and profit for the employees.

My experiences

Since the spring of 2019 I have had a weekly training day with the company Sweco; one of Europe’s leaders in engineering and architectural consultancy. Once a week we meet for a round of effective training. Based on running, the training is organized so that all participants get something to take home regardless of level! There is laughter, talking and training across departments.Through my company Actiwise, I have helped several athletes reach their goals. It has been everything from getting started with a healthy lifestyle, to running 5 km., Completing their first half marathon to running the Ironman in less than 9 hours as well as training planning and coaching for elite athletes. I have done this by familiarizing myself with each athlete’s situation and prerequisites, to give them personal sparring and programming. Talk to and listen to the athletes, let them understand my principles behind training and the importance of listening to the body – and not least make an effort to understand them and their situation.

In addition, since 2015 I have been responsible for the weekly run training and season planning in Amager Triathlon Club, I have had contact with many athletes from beginners to sub elite athletes. Through my head coach role in / Tri Club Denmark and Amager Triathlon Club, I have also been responsible for arranging the annual training camps, having an overview of our various events, presentations.

I have been associated as a chief instructor at DGI, helped to develop and start up their cycling team DGI Riders targeted at beginners who lacked a cycling community, here I was responsible for teaching cycling technique, group riding and training guidance. In 2018 and 2019, through my own training, I have spent 12 weeks a year in Mallorca as a triathlon guide at Next Level Camp, which caters to triathletes and cyclists, at a higher level.

I look forward to talking to you about a future collaboration where I will elaborate on what I can do to create an even stronger team with you.