1:1 Mental training

The mental part plays a big role in the good performance. Are you nervous about hit the wall during a race? Not performing as you would like? Do you give up when it gets tough?
Through 1: 1 coaching conversations, you can get help to make the right decisions for training and racing, find faith in yourself and mentally prepare for the competition. In addition, it can help to get control of motivation or solve another challenge in the sport.

Why mental training and coaching?

  • We live in a society with a constant pressure to perform. At work, in training, competitions, social media, family, friends. Here, coaching can help create profits and mental strength.
  • Through coaching, I can help you see opportunities rather than limitations. It can help motivate in the daily training
  • in competitive situations, it is important to be sharp and make the best choices. Believe in your own abilities, and know appropriate and inappropriate ways of thinking and acting up to and during the competitive situation
  • It helps you to make conscious decisions. Become aware of your own appropriate and inappropriate thought patterns • It can help to give you confidence as it through questions gives you the feeling of being competent and have the answers yourself

How coaching works

Basically, coaching is about asking reflective questions.

  • It helps you to gain ownership in the process. Which is motivating and the probability of a sustained change in trading patterns is significantly greater
  • It helps you to make conscious decisions. Become aware of your own appropriate and inappropriate thought patterns
  • It can help to give you more self-confidence, as through questions it gives the athlete the feeling of being competent, as you find the answers yourself

My experiences with coaching

  • I have been coached myself and have experienced the positive effect it has had on my competitions. I worked on what I was doing well and what I could do better. It helped me get a calm and a sense of profit before the race.
  • It has also helped me push my boundaries, keep going when it really hurts, it has helped push my personal records.
  • Through my work in Actiwise, I have good experience in coaching athletes to maintain motivation and create mental strength and profit to achieve the good performance.

My education in sports coaching

  • 2014 educated running coach through DGI with self-chosen focus on “race psychology” on motivation and goals, visualization, and mental competition preparation.
  • 2015 educated sports coach through DGI. Theoretical and practical knowledge of coaching and the methods.
  • 2018 Sports Psychology through DIF2
  • 2021 Evidence-based coaching psychology and integrative methods. Continuing education for coaches through the Department of Coaching Psychology